I survived camping!

I know you've all been waiting anxiously by your computers to make sure that I survived my camping trip, and I'm happy to report that I did.  And I didn't die of scurvy even though I only ate hotdogs and s'mores!

Here are a couple of pictures from my trip to Montana... it is pretty down there, but in all honesty, Canada is just as beautiful, we just don't have good Targets up here.
Whitefish Lake at sunset
On the way to Avalanche Lake
A view from the Going to the Sun Road

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Things that have caught my eye this week...

Since when did it become okay to bite other players during professional sporting events (it's not really okay, since he got suspended... but this is the THIRD time Luiz Suarez has been found guilty of biting another player!)...

My love of the Degrassi franchise has been documented on this blog numerous times, and here are 8 Things We Learned from Stephanie Kaye.  And they are all so true.  I wonder whatever happened to poor Voula.

Also well documented is my desire to not have children... and here are the 19 Best Things About Being Childfree... my favourites are #2 and #19.

American exchange student in Germany gets stuck in a vagina sculpture... seriously - I couldn't make that shit up if I tried.

Every single time I go home... even now that I'm done college...
via Sarah's Scribbles
You have to go and follow this Instagram account... I demand it of you!

Camping and the four food groups...

I'm going to try camping next week.  I have a week off, and while I don't want to spend a lot of money (I'm trying to save for Australia and New Zealand next year and so far I haven't found a tree that can grow me $10,000) so I thought camping.

I own a tent, campstove, sleeping bag and air mattress.  I can start a fire (I think). I'm not completely opposed to outhouses (although I did pick a campground with showers, because I need to wash my hair). I enjoy nature (or at least taking pictures of it).

I posed the question on Twitter this morning...
I figure I'm safe, and have covered all of the four food groups...
          Bread/Cereal - Graham crackers and hotdog buns
          Fruits/Vegetables - ketchup and cherry Coke
          Meat - hotdogs (work with me here)
          Dairy - milk chocolate (focussing on the milk of course!)

Watch out America... I'm on my way, and I have no plans of dying of scurvy.

Things I'd like to learn

... how to letterpress
... how ride a motorcycle
... how to code (computery things... without having to Google everything all the time)
... how to properly apply make-up so I don't look like a clown (my "minimalist" look is good most of the time, but every once in awhile I'd like to at least have the confidence to glam it up a bit)
... how to make hollandaise sauce - from scratch
... how to create script calligraphy (Copperplate to be exact)

Among other things...

What about you? What would you like to learn?

From the World Wide Web

I've decided to let you all in on some of the fun things that I find around the web... hopefully each week, but sometimes some weeks of browsing are better than others.

Here's this week's interesting finds from the world wide web...

Seriously - it's like Peter climbed in my brain and wrote this post about the TV show House Hunters... except he forgot the part that no kitchen is complete without granite countertops!

For some daytrip ideas... why not visit some of the strangest things to see in the province of Alberta?

Creationist questions translated.

Seriously... competition is good, and not everyone who participates deserves a prize... the world isn't full of special flowers, no matter what parents think of their children...
Cyanide and Happiness - December 1, 2012
I may have to change my top team for World Cup... Go Italy?

And finally, some pretty pictures from around the Twitter...

Friday Pinterest Finds... All Things Candy

So... you want to be a professional soccer player

I've watched some... no, a lot... okay, all of the World Cup so far and I've come up with some keys to becoming a successful professional soccer player on the World Cup stage. 

A player must:

1. Only use one name. It doesn't matter if it's your first or last, but you only get one. Like Cher. Or Madonna. Or in the case of the Brazillians Fred and Jo. 

2. Have a neck tattoo. Something Jesus-y in a scripty font. 

3. Sport terribly died blonde hair cut into a longish, lopsided, floppy Mohawk. 

4. Wear fluorescent cleats. It's a proven fact tht the brighter the cleats, the faster the player. 

5. Possess the ability to over exaggerate everything from facial expressions to injuries. Especially injuries.

6. Have an "I can do no wrong" attitude, with a believable look of astonishment every time your punished. Even if you just head butted a guy. In front of the referee. 

7. Have a hot wife/girlfriend that will inevitably be spoken about during the half time show by some dimwit commentator because of how many Twitter followers they have. 

8. Rock one of the new-fangled tight jerseys... especially in the rain. Seriously... it could rain for the rest of the World Cup and I'd be a happy camper. 

Bonus points if you have all of the above qualities. You're pretty much guaranteed success. 

Friday Pinterest Finds... All Things Volkswagon

World Cup

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It's that time... time for me to make my World Cup predictions.

Now, in the past, my predictions have been based solely on how a team looks - the hotter the team, the higher I had it in my rankings.

This year, I've dived a bit deeper... and I've come up with a number of criteria (this is also the criteria I apply to picking athletes in the Olympics) to assess how well I think a team (or athlete) will do.  

You'll probably notice that skill doesn't really factor into my criteria...

Criteria #1
Countries I am a citizen of.  Birth country first, then countries I've become a citizen of by virtue of familial relationships.  Normally the order goes somewhat like: Canada, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland - and the UK is substituted in when necessary.

As a side... who decides when teams will participate as Team UK (like in the Olympics) or Team England, Team Scotland and Team Northern Ireland (like in the World Cup).

Criteria #2
Countries I've visited, in order of how much I liked my stay there.  For the World Cup, the order is Netherlands, Germany, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Honduras, France, Mexico, Belgium (to be fair to poor Belgium, I've only ever really driven through the country and stopped at truck stops for food), USA (sorry USA, you're always going to be last - and it's totally because I'm Canadian).

Criteria #3
Countries that I want to visit... of the remaining World Cup teams these countries are: Australia, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Japan and Russia (once they stop invading other countries).

Criteria #4
All of the remaining countries based on very superficial things like hotness of players, whether or not I think their flags are cool, how people are treated in the country (human rights my way, which isn't everyone's way, so don't bitch to me about it).

So... in the end, here is my ranking for the World Cup 2014...
1. England
2, Netherlands
3. Germany
4. Croatia
5. Bosnia and Herzegovina
6. Greece
7. Italy
8. Switzerland
9. Honduras
10. France
11. Mexico
12. Belgium
13. USA
14. Australia
15. Portugal
16. Brazil
17. Argentina
18. Costa Rica
19. Japan
20. Russia
21. Spain (yeah - I'm probably the only person to put Spain at #21)
22. Cote d'Ivoire
23. Ghana
24. Chile
25. Cameroon
26. Ghana
27. Uruguay
28. Equador
29. Korea Republic
30. Algeria
31. Colombia
32. Iran

So... let's see how my picks fair... World Cup starts tomorrow with one of my favourites Croatia taking on the home side of Brazil.

PS - if anyone needs me for the next month, I'll be watching footy all day long, every day.