Countdown to VACATION!

I have a confession. It's been eight months since my last post. 

I'm still alive. I just lead a rather boring existence. 

But... it's now four sleeps until I head to New Zealand and Australia, so I thought I'd resurect the blog to use as a travel diary of sorts. 

I'm pretty much packed. All my flights and transportation are booked. I've prepaid for a number of excursions. My accomodations are all booked. 
I've even made an offer through the AirNZ website to One Up my flight to premium economy. For 13 hours, more butt and leg room will be appreciated. 

I think I'm ready to go. 

Next stop, Auckland. 

No... you are NOT Tim Thomas!!

So... this keeps happening...

A couple of weeks ago...
And then just this morning...
Really?  Why?  Why choose a professional hockey player to constantly use as your profile picture?  Is it because I'm the only girl online that knows who Tim Thomas is and keeps calling you on it?

And as a side... why choose Tim Thomas?  The guy is an idiot.  Wouldn't show up to the White House after the Bruins won the Stanley Cup because he's a Republican.  Really?  Douchy move.

Online dating (not that I'm actively searching... I haven't been on a date in a loooong time, and rarely, if ever make contact with anyone online - I spend more time deleting "s'up" messages than anything else) is hard enough as it is - why would you start with a lie?  

If you're not happy with your looks, don't put up a public picture.  If you just want to get laid - try Tinder.  But seriously, continuously lying about your age and what you look like is just plain fucking douchy.  Constantly opening and closing accounts is creepy.  

And yes... "Mr. Tim Thomas", I'll keep reporting your picture as a fake and I'll keep responding the same way every time you message me.


From the World Wide Web

A wrap-up from around the interwebz this week...

I hate cilantro - and there's actually a scientific reason why!

I want need a pair of these boots by Poppy Barley... anyone have a spare $325? I've never spent that much on shoes before... but these would be custom to my feet!

This woman is my cantankerous twin! Damn rights I'll tell a kid to behave!

I don't really have a reason to buy a new car... but this kid is basically me on the road...
And since I seem to be all anti-kid this week, and beautiful cartoon from The Oatmeal.

Minimalism Game, Week 2

Well, since it's almost the beginning of Week 4 of the challenge, I figure it's time to post Week 2's household evictions!  The challenge is getting harder (I'm actually up to Day 27 of pictures, which means I'm really bloody lazy in updating this blog), but part of me figures that I could probably go a few days past the end of the month.

Parts of my house feel emptier... of the twenty or so drawers in my bedroom, half of them are empty.  The shelves in my walk-in closet are half bare.  My kitchen table has nothing on it.

But overall, I can't say that it looks totally different.  But I know that in the end it will all be worth it - as long as I don't fill up all the empty space with more crap!

105 things gone so far... still close to 400 to go!!

Minimalism Game, Week 1

One of my dreams is to have one of those homes where there's no clutter... the kind where you put one decorative piece on a shelf and call it a day.

Let's just say, my condo is far from that.

But, this month, I'll get closer to that goal.

A co-worker and I have decided to do the Minimalism Game - starting at the beginning of the month, you get rid of one thing on the first, two things on the second and so on and so on until you get rid of 31 things on the 31st (why did we choose such a long month - why we couldn't have done this in February is beyond me!).

We've made it through the first week, and are halfway through the second.  We've set up a Facebook page to post pictures of what we're getting rid of, and so far, so good (I just wish I hadn't taken two car loads of things to the VV boutique in the last couple of months, cause Day 31 is going to be a bitch, and I've already been told I can't throw away 31 grains of rice).

Here's a picture of what was ridded from my house in Week 1... 28 items gone, 450+ to go!

The one where I talk about boob sweat and rashes

You've been warned.

I've got this... rash between my boobs.  It's not itchy, or painful... but it's there and I don't want it to be.

I originally thought it was heat rash, and followed all of Dr. Google's advice to get rid of it (sadly, I can't stop being hot and sweaty, but I tried most other things that were in the realm of reason).

Needless to say, it isn't heat rash, and it's still there.

So, my next visit to Dr. Google suggested maybe I have a fungal infection (yeah... like a fucking yeast infection) on my chest.  It's common says Dr. Google and the multiple women on a message board I found (or at least I'm telling myself that) - especially those with bigger boobs.

Off to the store I go to buy some over-the-counter anti-fungal medication.  Everyone online suggested a brand we don't have in Canada, but I made note of the chemical compound that was in it hoping there was something like that in the Great White North.

Turns out there is.  Canesten.  

Which is marketed to both men and women - to men (mostly I'd imagine since they have gross feet) as a cure for athlete's foot, and to women (mostly because they have vaginas) as a cure for yeast infections.

Now we get to the point of this post (you had to know it wasn't just about boob sweat and rashes)...

The active ingredient is the same... Clotrimazole 1% w/w.

The size of the tube is the same... 15 g.

But the Canesten for women costs more!  $.70 more!  $7.99 for "athelete's foot Canesten" and $8.69 for "yeast infection Canesten".  I know that's not a lot... but seriously?

What the actual fuck?  I'm supposed to pay extra for something in a pink package because it's marketing for my vagina and not my feet?

So... lesson learned... if I ever get a yeast infection I'm treating it with athlete's foot cream.

The Year of the Quiet Carmen

I just got my performance review for the year... and while not surprised at the things on it, I've decided to action on some of the comments.  I can honestly say that this year some of the comments hit hard - especially the ones that aren't true and are based on years old practices that I have made an effort to change.

This year (or at least the next while) is going to be the "Year of the Quiet Carmen".  Apparently I'm too confrontational and insular.  I guess knowing my job and expecting others to know theirs is too much to ask.  I guess dealing with my clients issues from the perspective of my part of the department is too much.

So, while not rolling over and playing dead, my department is going to find out what it's like without my comments and suggestions.  I'm tired of getting the side-eye from rocking the boat, when the boat we're on needs rocking.  I'm tired of not getting mentorship and support from above, because what I do in my job isn't what everyone else does and nobody seems to know what I do on a day-to-day basis.

I actually just found my job description in the past couple of weeks... and it turns out my job is to be a glorified checklist checker.  I can do that. I make awesome checkmarks.

I'm going to have to remind myself on many occasions (like before every staff meeting), that this is my year to be quiet.  It'll be hard, but apparently necessary.

I guess I'll just be doing my job, and not trying to make it more.  Theoretically less stress for me I guess...

I survived camping!

I know you've all been waiting anxiously by your computers to make sure that I survived my camping trip, and I'm happy to report that I did.  And I didn't die of scurvy even though I only ate hotdogs and s'mores!

Here are a couple of pictures from my trip to Montana... it is pretty down there, but in all honesty, Canada is just as beautiful, we just don't have good Targets up here.
Whitefish Lake at sunset
On the way to Avalanche Lake
A view from the Going to the Sun Road

From the World Wide Web

Things that have caught my eye this week...

Since when did it become okay to bite other players during professional sporting events (it's not really okay, since he got suspended... but this is the THIRD time Luiz Suarez has been found guilty of biting another player!)...

My love of the Degrassi franchise has been documented on this blog numerous times, and here are 8 Things We Learned from Stephanie Kaye.  And they are all so true.  I wonder whatever happened to poor Voula.

Also well documented is my desire to not have children... and here are the 19 Best Things About Being Childfree... my favourites are #2 and #19.

American exchange student in Germany gets stuck in a vagina sculpture... seriously - I couldn't make that shit up if I tried.

Every single time I go home... even now that I'm done college...
via Sarah's Scribbles
You have to go and follow this Instagram account... I demand it of you!