101 Things About Me...

by - Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It has taken me a couple of days... but I finally managed a list of 101 Things About Me... things that most people probably don't give a damn about but I feel the need to do this meme... kinda like entry into the 'real' blogging world. I actually came up with 108 things, but I narrowed it down because who really posts "108 Things About Me"? Not me.

1. I love Coke… the cola kind… not the snuff kind.
2. I am a Taurus through-and-through. Bull-headed, stubborn, determined, loyal, stable… you name it… I have Taurus written all over me.
3. I have an excellent memory… for mainly useless facts.
4. I still know all the words to “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You”… both songs I learned in junior high. I could probably belt out "Release Me" by Wilson Phillips if I needed to.
5. I get car sick… but learned while travelling Europe in a bus that if I sit in the front 1/3 of the bus I will not vomit…
6. I talk in my sleep… apparently.
7. I refuse to watch movies with “Star” in the title… Star Wars, Star Trek, Starship Troopers, Stargazer, Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star… you get the point I am sure.
8. I would kill to do the last dance scene from Dirty Dancing as the first dance at my wedding… that is if I ever get married again.
9. I am divorced… very happily and without regret.
10. I have lived in 15 different cities/towns and went to seven different schools and one university.
11. My pet gerbil had a heart attack on my lap when I was in about grade five.
12. I have been to more states (Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Montana, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Colorado and Utah) than I have provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec). But if you throw in the Yukon territory it is a tie.
13. I say I am 5’10”… some days I am closer to 6’. But a 6’ girl is freaky so I lie about my height.
14. I have a Canadian passport and have recently been approved for a received a passport for the United Kingdom… I am officially a dual citizen!
15. But really, deep down… I am a very patriotic Canadian who gets up at the butt-crack of dawn to watch international hockey events.
16. is my favorite number.
17. I got my first tattoo at aged 30 – the kanji symbol for ‘determination’ on my right ankle. It will probably be my last tattoo.
18. I started my first website back in 1995… an old geocities site that stopped existing long, long ago. Damn I spent a lot of time working on that site. It even had a guest book.
19. I have been the lead in a couple of elementary school plays… mostly because I think I was the smartest kid and could remember the most lines.
20. I have gone to either high school or university with five guys that have gone onto the NHL.
21. My blood type is O negative… universal donor… but it sucks to be me if I need blood and/or plasma.
22. I have read the first 110 books in the Sweet Valley High series, and owned the majority of them. I think they are currently on loan to a teenaged cousin. I hope she treats them with the respect they deserve.
23. The first movie I saw in the theatre was Peter Pan with my aunt… on that visit I also ice skated for the first time without holding onto the boards.
24. I say ‘eh’ a lot… and I only know that because I spent three weeks surrounded by Australians arguing the finer points of pronunciation… I say tomato, you say tomahto.
25. I once wrote “Dad is a shit head” in the condensation of my bedroom window… I tried to change the “i” to an “l”… unfortunately my parents are smart and know that I am also smart… so I got grounded, had my bike taken away and there was a period when all of my toys were in a garbage bag… turns out my dad really is a shit head though.
26. I don’t believe in God… at all… not even a tiny bit.
27. I have spent a month in a foster home and it didn’t make me: a) a drug user, b) a hooker, c) crazy… as a matter of fact I am probably a poster child for foster care…
28. I am addicted to Facebook. I am slowly becoming addicted to Twitter. I suppose I have an addictive personality. I am now also addicted to Pinterest.
29. I own over 200 300 different Trevor Linden hockey cards… seriously… the man is my hero.
30. I was in the high school band in grade 2… yeah – I missed art class to go to the high school for band practice… and now I wonder why I can’t draw.
31. I used to play A-Team in elementary school… I was usually Murdoch…
32. I have owned five vehicles in my lifetime… three were new to me and two were new to the world… including my new baby the VW Golf.
33. Speaking of babies… I don’t want any. The only bad part about that is I know my mom would make a great grandma… but now I'm an Aunt!
34. I believe in the woman’s right to choose. However, I don’t believe that it should be used as a form of birth control. That is what the pill and condoms are for.
35. To this day I have a hard time telling my left from my right. When I am driving I put up the “L” with my fingers to help… I am way better off with East/West.
36. I like watching used to watch Survivor but it really irks me that they can’t seem to come up with any new challenges… they just keep re-using the old ones and put different scenery around them.
37. Coffee is gross. Pour me a cup of Earl Grey please. XL steeped tea, two milk, two sweetener please.
38. I have voted in every possible election I could since I turned 18… you can’t bitch if you don’t vote!
39. I pretty much only ate carrots, corn and potatoes growing up… now I have added peppers, asparagus, mushrooms and beans to my repertoire. And asparagus!
40. I have travelled to 13 20 31 48 countries (Canada, United States, Dominican Republic, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Italy, the Vatican City, France, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Mexico, Honduras, Belize, the Cayman Islands, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Spain and Portugal) – so far.
41. Until this past summer though all the countries I had been to only had red, white or blue on their flag.
42. I love sushi… even the raw fish variety.
43. I don’t like lobster or crab though.
44. I still have two one of my four wisdom teeth… I guess that means I have half a quarter of the wisdom I used to have.
45. I have never done any illegal drugs… and I have smoked the equivalent to only about one cigarette in my life.
46. I have however, been so drunk I have passed out and had friends write all over me in lipstick.
47. Thank god we only had film cameras back then so I am the only one with any record of the event.
48. Roller coasters are awesome. I wish I could ride them more often… ones I have conquered are the Scream Machine (Expo ’86), Wooden Roller Coaster, Wild Mouse, Corkscrew (Playland), Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Matterhorn (Disneyland), Montezooma’s Revenge, Timberline Twister (Knott’s Berry Farm), High Roller (Stratosphere Hotel, Las Vegas) and the Manhattan Roller Express (New York/New York Hotel, Las Vegas).
49. I use the same bathroom stall at work every time.
50. I have “run” (term used rather lightly) the Terry Fox Run twice… once when I was twelve and at age 31.
51. I truly believe that the 30’s really are the new 20’s 40's are the new 30's.
52. My favorite Disney character is Beauty from Beauty and the Beast. She is a very highly under-rated princess in my eyes.
53. I have a Kevin Bacon score of 3… thank god for the actress I went to high school with.
54. I can drive a standard, and will only drive a standard if given the choice.
55. I own far too many gadgets… iPod, digital camera, cell phone with a keypad iPhone, two laptops iMac, iPad, Boxee, WDTV, Wii… not to mention the three TV’s in my house… the house I live in alone.
56. I probably spend more time doing blog things at work than I do doing work things at work.
57. I once pressed ‘bet max’ by accident on a slot machine in Las Vegas and ended up winning about $300… but only a after a minor panic attack when I realized how much I bet.
58. I only eat smooth peanut butter and I hate the taste of honey. I would rather have a PB&L (lettuce) sandwich.
59. I was never a fan of the New Kids on the Block. Others had pillows and notebooks and other NKOTB stuff… I had one measly tape. I can’t believe they are doing a reunion tour.
60. The Lord of the Dance amazes me. I do not understand how their feet move so fast!
61. I like ordering office supplies… especially when I have an unlimited budget.
62. I have a commerce degree but know nothing about the stock market and how it works. I spent my third year Finance class hoping that my instructors’ button wouldn’t pop off his shirt and hit me in the head.
63. In grade six a group of us did a lip sync to Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone Now”… we had cardboard instruments and everything.
64. I can stick my whole fist in my mouth… yeah – I know you are all jealous.
65. I like my skim milk as cold as it can get.
66. I really want to take an IQ test but I am scared that I am not as intelligent as I think I am.
67. I have had two speeding tickets… although one got taken off the books when photo radar was ruled unconstitutional (or something like that). I have also had two warnings. And three photo radar tickets since moving to Alberta.
68. I got one of the warnings because I said that my ‘husband’ would get a laugh out of me being pulled over… that would be the ex-husband RCMP member that I had split with six months earlier. I am going to hell for that one!
69. Never… really... that I remember.
70. I took all honours classes in grade ten… then went into the normal stream in grade 11. The normal stream bored me to tears so I went back to the honours stream in grade 12… then proceeded to fail first year Calculus. Go figure.
71. After I eat a Whopper from Burger King I feel like I smell of Whopper for about 48 hours after. For that reason alone I no longer eat at BK.
72. I would rather be cold than hot… that goes for my seasons too… I would rather have to put on a sweater than want to run around naked (trust me – it is for the good of mankind).
73. I press snooze on my alarm clock at least 3 times each morning.
74. I was told in high school to stop speaking French in French class because I was butchering the accent… and I agreed with my teacher.
75. My brother used to throw garter snakes out of a tree onto the road and watch them get squished my cars. I think this provides a lot of insight into my brother.
76. I believe in camping only if I can shower and wash my hair… daily.
77. I sucked my thumb until I was about 12… only when I was upset or sleeping… then I just stopped.
78. I am not allergic to any foods… but I have mild hayfever.
79. I really want to try tried a deep-fried Twinkie from Mermaids in Las Vegas but I am pretty sure I will be and I was disappointed.
80. I have made an appointment to talk to my doctor about a breast reduction… two close friends and my mom have done it… and all totally recommend it. Done! Best surgery ever!
81. I have shot a gun and have pretty good aim… except when I shot the ground – but that was only once.
82. My ex used to try and scare the crap out of me all the time. I really, really hated that.
83. I love orange juice (pulp free, low acid) but I hate eating regular oranges… mandarin oranges are okay though.
84. I suffer from road rage. Not your average garden variety road rage. The kind of road rage that if I had a bat in my car I would use it to repeatedly hit stupid people. But, alas... no bat = no prison record.
85. I own just about every Nora Roberts book ever written... and have read them all. I even bought one in England... published under a different name than in Canada. I finally got rid of my collection since I never re-read books.
86. I am not an animal person at all... I dislike cats the most... but they seem to like me.
87. I know how to iron... I just hate ironing with a passion. Probably because I had to iron pillow cases as a small child - probably for some Girl Guide badge or something.
88. Codeine makes me loopy. As in "send me home from work 'cause I look stoned" loopy.
89. I play hockey... not very well and I still have problems stopping with my left foot forward... but I am big and even in non-contact women's hockey - that does make a difference.
90. Once I won a contest for guessing the right number of candies in a jar. Then my mom dropped the jar on the ice and it broke - I honestly can't remember if I was all that upset (I do however remember the vibrant candy-colored snow). I didn't realize she felt so bad about it until a couple of years ago when I received a Christmas tree shaped jar full of candies as a Christmas gift. I love my mom.
91. I believe in capital punishment... Canada doesn't. I also believe in euthanasia. Canada doesn’t.
92. I can't not wear glasses or contacts. I can't even see the alarm clock without putting on my eyes. For that particular reason I fall asleep with my glasses on six out of seven nights of the week.
93. I have been on TV, the radio and in the newspaper so many times I have lost count. The joys of a summer job that needed exposure... and by that I mean I wrote a lot of press releases that 'journalists' then passed off as their own with their names in the byline. I have also been published in an Canadian academic journal, but not in the official academic part... that would take research and I don't like research.
94. I use my blog to vent about... everything.
95. One of my favorite movies of all time is Anne of Green Gables... I recently bought the Anne trilogy on DVD and plan on spending an upcoming weekend with Anne and Gilbert.
96. I own a Wii, along with Guitar Hero and NHL2K9...
97. I prefer the original CSI to CSI: NY and CSI: Miami, but I prefer Law and Order: SVU to the original Law and Order and Law and Order: Criminal Intent.
98. I have touched the Stanley Cup... and then they wiped away my fingerprints with their perfect little white gloves.
99. I decorate my Christmas tree by grouping ornaments in themes... Coca Cola ornaments, hockey ornaments, homemade ornaments...
100. I actually believe that if one particular guy from my past walked back into my life I would drop everything and probably fall back in love with him... in the past the timing never worked out but even when I was married and saw him my heart skipped a beat.
101. I am done… like dinner.

Latest update: July 2017

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  1. phew - that was a hell of a list - congrats on finishing that... i look forward to reading your blog every day and that was great for my addiction :)

  2. OK so your mom obviously can be a serrogate "Nanny" to my kids and for # 100 is it who I think (BB)??

  3. karen - i had the same question about #100 - i've been working on the process of elimination... I'm hoping (sure) that it isn't DP...

  4. Holy shit... it isn't DP at all... have you seen that man's thighs in facebook pictures?? Yes... it is most definitly BB... dammit...

  5. Anonymous9:47 PM

    OK who's this BB? And like April phew that was one long list, but I made it through the whole thing.

  6. 16 is also my favorite number, I must use the "L" to tell left from right, and I giggled over your road rage comment.

    I miss all 101 points of you.

  7. i absolutely adore that #16 is your fav number and that your BLOGSPOT is Trevor Linden. it makes me happier than you'll ever know. i'm a die hard canucks fan, through and through.


    13. I say I am 5’10”… some days I am closer to 6’. But a 6’ girl is freaky so I lie about my height.

    hahaha, i love that you admitted that. i'm with you - i'm 5'10, pushing 5'11, and have serious issues with anyone that tries to call me 6'0. because yeah, that's freaky.

  8. 13 - Ha ha...My sister is 5'11" (and three quarters)

    NOT 6'

    Great list!

  9. Anonymous5:25 PM

    I think that there should be more women who are 5'10+

  10. Nice list.. now I want to make my own.. I hadn't realized you felt that way about BB..

    I love your mom too.. she rocks!


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