by - Tuesday, January 31, 2006

So - I just added a bunch of links down the sidebar - now you will be able to see why I am so addicted to rubber stamping and card making. I mostly have stamps from Stampin' Up but I just received my first order from A Muse in the mail today and I have compiled a list of stamps that I want from Inky Antics - they have the cutest clothesline stamp that I want!

I also added a ticker at the bottom to countdown the days until Jason and I leave for the Dominican Republic. I am getting so excited. I have packed most of what I will be bringing (since it has snowed about two feet in the last week there is no need for shorts and bathing suits in my closet!!) and I keep checking and re-folding. I am only allowed 44 lbs. of luggage so I have to keep it light. Now all I will have to worry about is making sure that Jason actually folds his clothes before he throws them in his suitcase and I need to make sure that he brings enough clean underwear.

So - I am also counting down to our bi-annual trip to Las Vegas. During the Easter long weekend I (along with Jennifer, Cathie, Larry, Anita, Duane, and Lisa) will be heading back to the bright lights of the Strip. By my countdown there is only 70 days left until we leave - at 7:20 in the morning!!

Well, I am off to make some Valentine's Day cards with my new stamps - and one for April and Andrew's New Year's baby Michael.

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