Sin City - Here I COME!!!

by - Thursday, March 16, 2006

Okay - so there is less than a month until we head to Vegas!! I am getting excited - we are staying a little longer than last time - the flight times are nicer (except the leaving PG at 7:00am part) - the only downside is that we don't get to fly in and see the lights - but I did that last time.

We have booked tickets to Mamma Mia the night before we leave. It should be a blast. Other things that we have planned are a trip to Ethel M. Chocolates, a visit to Viva Las Vegastamps, a trip to the Premium Outlet Mall, going downtown for the day, going out to Sam's Town to see what is going on and to watch this water show that they have a few times a day... that in addition to playing the slots and blackjack. It will be nice to play blackjack and actually know what to do this time - last time we had this great guy from Detroit help - but I doubt that he will be around this time.

And - to top it all off, our room rates went down! With Jen, Lisa and I sharing a room it is going to be less that $100 for the whole weekend!!

Well, off to a CUPE meeting (maybe they are letting us all know that we are getting raises!!) and then to the bank to pick up my US$ that I ordered!

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