Hockey... poor Calgary Flames

by - Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Okay - so we are heading into round two of the NHL playoffs... I am sure that by now the Canucks have put in more than two rounds at the local golf course. We are down to only TWO Canadian teams - Edmonton and Ottawa - both of whom I will be cheering for. I was secretly hoping for Carolina to upset Montreal - only because I want Rob Brind'Amour to win a cup before he retires...

So - we are off to Vancouver this weekend for a wedding... I have found myself a scrapbook store that is open until 11:30 on Friday night and I plan on taking advantage of it. To top it all off - this week is National Scrapbooking Week - whoever thought to coincide this wonderous occasion with my birthday is a genius!!

Hmmm... I have added a couple of links down the side - this blog seems to have more links than content - oh well - just goes to show what a borning life I lead!

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  1. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Yes, My poor Flames!!! That's ok, they played the last couple of games like they would have rather been golfing. And yes, GO BRIND! Bring one home to Campbell River.