The Results...

by - Sunday, December 03, 2006

Of my annual "Present Wrapping Weekend". I took a page from my mom's book - everyone got a different wrapping paper - that way I didn't have to do all the tags as I wrapped... only a couple of more things to go - a trip to the Bay and one to Costco should solve it all (well, except for when I go home and John gets me to buy all of my mom's stuff...)! Then I can make a shipment to Calgary!! Yeehaw!! And I promise it isn't all toys... but it is Christmas so Shane will just have to deal...

Boy - if only there was something for me under that tree!! I guess I will have to buy myself some presents... hahaha... I know, I know... DON'T BUY ANYTHING UNTIL AFTER CHRISTMAS!! I can hear the lectures now...

PS - it is really hard to take a picture of a lit tree - this was the best of about 20 shots!!! Pictures of Candycane Lane tomorrow (barring more snow - it is even harder to take a picture of a street in the snow!!).

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  1. Great job with the tree... we put ours up tonight - one in the living room and one in kyle's room... I can't believe all the snow we are getting right now - I guess I should watch the news more often.

    I'm in PG on Tuesday now - my surgeon had to reschedule - I will try and pop up to the uni to say hello... it will all depend on the kids.

    Picture taking - if you have a tripod - set up your camera on it and turn off your flash... your camera will then capture all of the light in the room before it takes the photo and you shouldn't have any motion because the lense will be stable on the tripod. No tripod - set up your camera on a table and take the photo - you should be able to minimize shaking by placing it on a table or other sturdy piece of home furniture...

  2. Don't you worry about Shane!!! I can take care of him...that and Santa may just bring a few toys of her own this year. That and perhaps she bought herself something that only she knows about right now...Tee Hee.

    And as for you, we are just waiting on 1 thing and it will be in the mail. Have patience and soom enough there will be a few things tagged to Carmen under your tree. As long as it arrives before the 20th, or I am in trouble!!

    And I understand the troubles of trees lit up. Trying to get mine was a "beeauch". I am still looking for a few things to perk it up so will be trying again in a couple of days.