The Angry Rant of a PISSED-OFF Employee...

by - Monday, January 29, 2007

This comment is rated NC17. I apologize to all of you that come here for cool stamping and papercrafted items, or those who come to listen to my PG rantings - but I am right pissed off.

Okay - so at work they are facing a "$6 million projected budget deficit" over the next three years. Is that my fault? Damn rights is isn't. I make less than $50 grand a year - so why do I have to pay for a bunch of directors and VP's crappy spending habits? No - I didn't lose my job - but I kind of wish I had. At least I would have gotten seven weeks of pay - now I just have a boss that is the reason I left my other job in the organization.

This brings me to ass-kissing. I hate it. Don't do it. At all. Never have. Never will. But my new boss does - big time. Did I mention I hate ass-kissing? So now I have to go back to anxiety attacks and not sleeping at night because some stinking low-life PhD decided that to save on a box of freaking paper clips and make my life a living hell?

So, with all of this said, I hope to hell that 'she' doesn't bug the crap out of me too much... I love my job (as you could tell in last week's post) but I am not sure how much I love it now. And I am going to lose my big office with the balcony - and move to another space in the institution - if they think that they can shove me in a cubicle they have other things coming. They haven't heard me raise a stink yet I tell you!

On a lighter note - the Bellas arrived safe and sound - if I can calm my heart rate down to a dull roar I will try and pump something out later...

Sorry again...

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  1. Carm,

    That sucks big ba@#s!!!

    But your preview thing is cool and I may have stolen always find the coolest addition to your blog!

  2. can't we all just win the lotto and tell our bosses to stick it... aaahhhh... serenity now serenity now

    the box turned out great - i'm definitely going to give it a try.

    Hope you have a better - less stressful - less coke filled day tomorrow :)

  3. Hey, give me a shout today if you can.