It's All About Me (and Jill too)...

by - Wednesday, January 31, 2007

So - I meant to post this the other night after Jill and I rocked in our last hockey game - but I couldn't get on blogger... we passed, we shot, we knocked down members of the other team... it was awesome. And we won! Even better!

So - this is the beginnings of a bella-swap... tomorrow I should have some more stamping time and then I can actually show you a whole project - I have big plans for Causeabella!!

Oh - and a thank-you note to my fellow bloggers and those who read my blog - thanks for the kind words of support during my upheaval at work. We had a meeting today - and I am not as worried as I was when we heard about the restructuring on Monday... I work closely with some great ladies and I think that we can make it work... it also doesn't hurt that we are all rather vocal people and are in no way going to get steamrolled into things we don't agree with!!

That - and the fact that my stat counter on my blog states that I am averaging over 100 hits per day (and that is with only my ramblings as of late!) and they are from as far away as Newcastle Upon Tyne in England, the Netherlands and Germany (not to mention all of the Canadians and Americans) makes blogging so cool - I wish that you would contact me or leave me a comment - this blog thing is better than a pen pal!! I have to give some serious kudos who whoever developed the blog... I have learned so much and can keep in contact with so many great people!!

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  1. I am so glad all worked out for you. I know how much you are enjoying this job.

    As for my comment on my blog...the powers that be say it is an unsafe environment for Grayson to be's a frickin' hockeyt game selling 50/50 tickets. What the hell!?

  2. Hi, I just clicked your blog button on SCS...I am going to add it to my faves, if that's okay...

  3. I will continue to happily reading on... 100 hits a day - that kicks ass!

    mmmm chocolatini... that sounds yummy - how is this - watching rock 30 and bloggin... awesome! you know i've never had a martini - what the hell is up with that... I need to get on that. 30 and no martinis - does that make me completely lame?

  4. Cori - that would totally be fine - I love being on people's fave lists!! I am doing a jig now. Woohoo!