National Burn-out Lightbulb Day???

by - Saturday, January 20, 2007

Okay - I have had to change four lightbulbs today - that must be some kind of record!! Luckily I seem to buy them in bulk on sale so I had enough to do the job without having to go shopping.

I am on my room-by-room cleaning quest... so far my bedroom and the bathroom have had the complete overhaul. I have listened to Hellen Buttigieg from the HGTV show Neat, and I conquered the piles with the "yesterday, today and tomorrow" outlook - everything in the yesterday pile is now either in the garbage or in a pile to take to charity.

On another note, the Matey's Mate wheel was found... in the most logical of places... in the jumbo wheel handle... duh... should have looked there first.

I am off to make up the bed before I can sleep in it... ooohhh... clean sheets... I love it!!

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