Pooped on AGAIN!

by - Thursday, February 15, 2007

Okay - you all got a card out of me last night, so now you have to read a rant... once again, in front of an audience, me and my colleagues were once again crapped on by senior administration. Something about how bringing us together will help us provide better service. Load of poo is what I say...

To pump myself up, here are a few comments I have recieved from my students, and my peers in the past two weeks...

"You have been a great help to me and I hope to take spring courses either in Terrace campus or online and I really appreciate your assistance in this matter." (Student)

"Bravo. Good for you. I know it ain’t easy winning one against the Reg’s Office!" (Faculty Member)

"Thank you so much...and I am so happy I contacted you on time..." (Student)

"Thanks a lot! I really appreciate the effort on your and the faculty's part. With the articulations already made I'm sure I'll be attending in the fall." (Student)

"BTW, thanks for trying. I really appreciate it." (Faculty Member)

So there - I have tooted my horn... and I feel a little better. Senior administration can kiss my... well I will leave that up to you guys to fill in the blanks... I have a mission to create a card tonight for a peer that is not doing well, she looks so sad... and she really is a great person and I am going to miss her when I move offices. I hope that a little stamping and papercrafting can cheer both of us up!

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  1. Yes, it is sure a good thing we're getting pulled in line and made into professionals...