Thank the Lucky Stars...

by - Sunday, March 04, 2007

For lucky underwear! I am up another $50.00 from the casino. I went with Jen (there you go Jen - I mentioned you! - she was feeling neglected since I mentioned Jenn so many times and not her...)... and we sat playing blackjack with the most interesting groups of people. A group of friends, a couple of WHL players, some annoying guy that kept hitting his chips and spontaneously rubbing the table... all the while a guy at the next table yelled "monkey" everytime he won big... why monkey? I honestly don't know - neither did his friends.

I just stole this idea from the other Jenn - Jenn with two n's... see how well you know me...

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Now I am off to bed... with the acticipation of finishing off all my tasks tomorrow... I layed some baseboards today and put the trim around the door in the downstairs bathroom... tomorrow the plumbing...

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  1. It seems someone may have cheated a bit!? But it looks like we all know you about the same so far...pretty cool!

  2. Yes - Jen Y is a big cheater - something about the Trevor Linden question not working the first time... and she didn't know my jersey number at first either - and she is on my team!!