Booya!! (or whatever the Marines say...)

by - Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Looky looky at what came in the mail today!! My latest Stampin' Up order! Yeehaw!!
On another note... I met with my lawyer this morning - very nice lady (but I think that she could be mean if she wanted to be). She agreed to (if my ex is okay with it) to write up a contract for the $20,000. The kicker is that in order for my ex to see the money he will need to also see a lawyer - and hopefully the lawyer doesn't say - why settle for $20,000.00 when really you could get the half of the whole house... so I called my ex today and left a message... I basically said that we needed to talk and I didn't want to be confrontational or anything - that I wanted to discuss things, and that I thought that we could come up with a solution. I was going to ask for half of the legal fees, but in the end I realize that $800.00-$1000.00 could be the kicker and that $20,000.00 is a very good deal. So I am going to suck up my legal costs on my own... sounds like it will be $1000.00 at most for the contract and about $400.00 for the mortgage. I can handle that...

I think that is all that I am going to talk about my ex for awhile - that is unless my phone conversation with him goes south and I need to debrief... but hopefully we can discuss things like adults... since technically we both are... I mean - I am giving him what he is asking for...

ETA... I spoke to my ex... we both cried (although the bonus for me is that I was sitting at home... he was sitting in a cop car at work)... but he kept saying over and over that he didn't want to put me in financial hardship... I told him that if he was entitled to money than he should have access to it now... so... for now... this chapter is over... thanks all for listening (reading) all of my stuff... as I mentioned before... this is cathartic - although I really do need to do more in my life that isn't so dreary so that you keep coming back and reading... cheers all... off to cut out my stamps!

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