by - Friday, April 20, 2007

The Canucks decided to play with six skaters last night... too bad they are only allowed five, and because of their inability to count, they had to skate with four... until the Stars scored in OT on a powerplay... good thing we are still up 3-2 in the series... I have hope!

The Cougars play their first game of round three tonight... should be a blast... watching it on a three inch portion of my computer screen. I am thinking that their camera guy may be a bit better than the Everett guy, and their play-by-play guy couldn't get any worse. Tomorrow night they are on real TV - across the entire country (luckily the Canucks have an early game) and Jen and I are going to perhaps make a drinking game out of it - every time the announcers say a name wrong we have to drink - or maybe just Jen will drink - we will see.

I am still in my zen state. Perhaps further in my zen state than I was before. For I have realized that they are going to pay me $50,000.00 a year to push paper. Sweet! But in the meantime I am enjoying the fact that others will still get to sh*t distrub... it will be great to see the action!

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