by - Friday, April 13, 2007

I would make a damn good lawyer... I spent most of the day in the public library researching the validity of separation agreements... those law books are stinky things written on rice paper... but I didn't find anything that would support my ex - only things that look like they will support me.
That said, my Canucks bit it tonight... I should never have written that post to Karen bugging her about the Flames... or maybe I should buy Heather and her son tickets to the next home game, in the exact seat they were in, and make them wear the same clothes (hoping of course that they haven't been washed) - I am a hockey player you know - superstitions mean everything.

My brain is on legal overload so I am going to watch some meaningless TV now. I am going to work on some big clippies this weekend and I have to post a picture of the cool RAK I got from Allison... and I have to get some cards in the mail... oh - and my mom's birthday present (that is only two and a half weeks overdue now)...

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  1. Hey Carmen,
    We actually have tickets for the next home game - we have half season's tickets so we have tickets to half the playoff games. We'll be in the same seats, jerseys will have been washed - my son wore his for last night's game. I'm totally superstitious as well. I had my canucks earrings on for game 1 - they'll be on every game now.
    And I knew I'd have to do this at some point, but....Sorry Karen for making fun of the Flames.
    I still think the Canucks were tired from game 1. We were only playing 3 lines through all of overtime. And in game 2 we had 2 total rookies taking over for Burrows and Cookie. At least it looks like they'll be back Sunday.
    How are your Cougars doing? We won last night so we're on to the next round. I bought a 2 pack of Memorial Cup tickets. If I had won a lottery I would have bought the whole package, but...it didn't happen.
    Anyways...too much rambling. Good luck with the legal stuff!!!