I am Surviving...

by - Monday, May 07, 2007

My first day in my 30's... so far so good... had a staff meeting... which I laugh at because certain people always look like asses and that makes my day. Then I watched Team Canada romp the US at the World Championships on TSN broadband... then went to lunch at Boston Pizza with Jenn and got free desert... mmmm... it was delish!! Now I am thinking I am going to play online games for the rest of the afternoon - god forbid I have to work on my birthday!! Jenn got me some really cool paper and some of my most favorite ink pads as well - this birthday thing isn't so bad I guess.

My new computer is at Purolator just waiting to be picked up after work. Yeah!! Then it is free dinner at the Cariboo with Jen, Cathie (who shares the same awesome birthday with me!) and Larry... then home to play with my computer - maybe see a hockey game tonight as a spectator... should be good.

Thanks Mo for the gift - they are awesome!! I have already worn them around the house. I managed to hold off opening my gift until this morning... even though it came in the mail on Friday!!

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  1. You got free lunch too ;)

    Happy birfday!