I got Laid... off that is...

by - Tuesday, June 19, 2007

And it is a good thing! Remember all my ramblings back when I actually wrote on my blog regularly? The despise I have for my new boss... her lack of knowledge of anything that I do... her inability to mentor me... and I am at a stage in my life and career where I really need a mentor - someone to encourage me, someone to tell me when I am full of crap - basically someone that I can look up to for guidance in my career...

So by Monday I have to pick out a new job. I am kind of comparing the experience to the ladies on Sex in the City picking out new Manolo Blahniks... there are a few that I could go for but I am looking for a great job that is a good fit... and I need to get out of the academics... I am pigeon holed in the academic side of the university and if I ever hope to find a better job in a bigger city I had better get me some more experience in my actual field of Marketing... so this week it is time for me to update the old resume, make it look like I have saved many a small child from the depths of despair, solved the world hunger problem, cured AIDS, etc. so that they can't turn me down from my 'dream' job (dream is in 'these' because my real dream job is to win the lottery and retire to a quite Italian paradise where I can run my beloved Vancouver Canucks with the click of a mouse on the Internet - oh yeah - and Trevor Linden would be my cabana boy...).

Hmmm... what else? I am actually enjoying soccer. Not the part where I pulled my quad and had to go to physio (which was actually cool since it was an old PG Spruceking that was my physiotherapist and he is a cutie patootie), and definitely not the part where I broke a poor girls nose with my monster kick... but in all it is fun - a great group of ladies and that is what makes it the best.

I went to Calgary last week... got in a little visiting with Karen and Grayson, hooked up with Helen (my old roomie) that I haven't seen in years, hooked up again with Mr. Hockey Canada - in all I didn't want to come back... mostly because although I have decided that I live in and beside the most beautiful provinces in the world... the drive is EXTREMELY boring and I resorted to singing karaoke to my new iPod for about eight hours each way...

I am in the midst of a house-wide purge... spurned by Jenn who is moving and has to purge... I am just doing it for fun... and getting rid of every ugly piece of shat that I have ever owned... all the ugly gifts that I had to pretend to like - gone - poof! I can actually see the top of my mantle now through all the crap and it is amazing. I feel like a new woman... that is until I am forced to tackle the craft room...

Oh craft room... why have you been of such little inspiration to me lately? I haven't made a card in AGES... and like Jenn, I like making cards. But lately I have been busy with soccer, watching TV, talking on MSN and purging that cards is coming in second (or seventh) fiddle... I hope I get my mojo back... I really do - because I don't want my craft fair stuff to be a chore - I want to like crafting...

Okay... that is your bi-weekly update from me!! Hope I didn't put anyone to sleep!!

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  1. Oh good - Update!!

    And yeah, I hear ya on the crafty void. But purging is awesome. I'm totally loving how much total CRAP I've gotten out of my house. I'm not even hesitating now, I'm just turfing stuff like a MAD WOMAN!

    I love the idea of you getting into marketing again. I love the thought that all this turmoil has prompted positive change.

    yadda yadda.

  2. Anonymous7:11 PM

    I can tell you when you are full of shit ... No problem! Haha. What colour are your eyes again?