Another Update...

by - Sunday, October 28, 2007

Back from PG... visit was good but short...

Gas is still not back on due to some goddamn dial movement bullshit... sorry for the language blogger people but I am tired of cold showers, no heat and a leaking hot water tank due to a 'clerical' error...

Going to bed... as once again I have to be up at the crack of bloody dawn to call the utilties people... AGAIN...

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  1. holy - you're already back in Calgary - that was fast... and I was going to say hey let's meet on Tuesday... oh well - another time :)

    My book link is on my blog - if you still feel like taking a look at for me just copy the link into the address bar and it will take you there.. thanks.

  2. Hey Carmen,
    Give 'em Hell tomorrow!! What a bunch of BS. Just like tonight - we pay $12.95 for the pay per view 'nucks game. The feed stayed with the end of the Oilers/Ducks game and then still didn't flip over to the Canucks! I went on to message board and someone posted that it was on channel 4...really crappy picture quality. Switched over just before the Cooke goal. Shaw is really pissing me off!!
    I hope you get your mess sorted out tomorrow and that everything is back to normal asap!!!!!
    C ya'!
    Heather L.