It Is Time...

by - Wednesday, October 10, 2007

For me to get rid of my engagement ring and wedding band... so I have an appointment tomorrow at the Alberta Diamond Exchange to see what they are worth... and if I can get around $1500 for the set they will no longer be mine...

Some people say I should keep them... melt them down to make something else. But no matter what - they were always an engagement and wedding band from a man that I am no longer in love with and have moved on from. Plus - it is kind of hard to figure out what to do with a .65 carat princess cut diamond... except make another engagement ring. And I have already decided what my next wedding/engagment ring will look like - and it will look NOTHING like the one I have now (plus - I am going to hold out for platnium next time - I am worth it!!).

Every once in awhile I realize just how strong I am... and this is going to make me stronger... and hopefully richer.

Now I just need to find the man that will buy me that platnium ring!

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  1. I agree with selling it off - even if it is for less. If you want to get rid of it, do it... don't give it away... well - I guess you could... and when I say give it away I mean for $500 - or something like that and get something you really want... new scrapbook stuff, a trip, furniture... season tickets... - oh the boy is crying again... ARG - i need to figure out how to get michael to sleep through the night... ok - there is my two cents...

  2. Ha! Yes!

    I pawned mine (spur of the moment decision) for $35 and went and bought me and my friend lunch.

    All I had was the wedding band at that point. The engagement ring had mysteriously gone missing the year before we broke up.

    And do hold out for platinum. Oh yes.