by - Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So I am taking a little poll here... it is right to shut off someone's natural gas because the last chick who lived in her apartment didn't pay the bill? Is it right to make said person who's natural gas was shut off wait potentially FIVE business days to get back her stinking hot water so she can enjoy a shower in the morning?? Not to mention that the said person's city is is supposed to get to -3 degrees C tonight...

Didn't think so... I think all utility companies are out to get me...

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  1. Anonymous10:02 PM

    No they should not be able to shut off your natural gas as long as you have been paying for your consumption.

  2. The natural gas people should lay off the crack - what the hell kind of rules are those... oh hey - you are a good customer but we are going to screw you anyway because the last retard who lived her screwed us... i guess they are trying to live by the bible - do unto others...

    sorry - bundle up - we played the no heat game last week and it was -7 one morning - brrrrrrr

  3. Flame thrower.


    Will heat your apartment, and is handy when having to go into those utility offices and explain what they need to do.