Thoughts for the New Year...

by - Friday, December 28, 2007

I have been surfing my 'blogs' (through Google reader... if you don't have that and you are an avid blog reader you are missing out!!)... and I came across one that suggested that you try and come up with one word for the upcoming year... and although coming up with one word for 366 days (it is a leap year after all)... I came up with one... opportunity.

Opportunity is a theme that I am carrying over from 2007. I think that in general I am a fairly fortunate person... I have a great family (well... for the most part anyways... but I am sure every family has a few issues)... great friends... a good job (more importantly I like the people I work with), I have hobbies that keep me occupied and I seem to have gotten back the urge to learn things (after university I took a learning hiatus... I think that hiatus is over).

Here are some of the opportunities I am looking forward to in 2008... and these are just the ones that I have planned!

1. Europe... 25 days starting May 1st. I will be in Prague for my birthday... or maybe it is Vienna... either one is pretty damn cool... some friends know that it is going to take a bit to top my 30th birthday (and no... if you don't already know I am not going into details)... and this is something that I am VERY much looking forward to.
2. Las Vegas... the bi-annual trip to Vegas... I look forward to spending time with my BC friends... Cirque shows, the Grand Canyon, people watching (maybe the chick with the guns tattooed on her boobs will be back for another round), tackling the outlet malls... it is all fun!
3. My photography class... I am going to learn how to use the camera I bought a month or so ago... that is the beginning of my urge to learn again...
4. Scrapbooking. I have come to the realization that since I got a digital camera... I not longer have photos to look at... they are all stored in the computer. So I am going to print off a few of my favorites and actually scrapbook some of them - things like the "Not So Silent Night" concert, my trips to Flames games (where I take far more pictures of the opposition), my nephew, and other things that I have done since moving to Calgary... I have a membership at a new scrapbook store in Calgary and I am going to try and take a few classes to get some ideas... that and scour the internet for layouts that I can reasonable re-create without spending $100 on a page!
5. Reading. I haven't been enjoying my time reading lately... so I am going to take the opportunity that having time-shifting cable gives me to watch my shows earlier in the night and try and read before bed every night... and not just chick lit... sometimes something with substance.
6. Work out and eat better. I am going to start writing everything down again starting on January 1st. It is the only way that I am going to be able to keep track of things... how much I am eating... what kind of physical activities I am doing... heck - I get a free membership to the gym at work and it is a pretty decent set-up... so I am going to take advantage of it... and in the process I am hoping to drop a good 25 lbs...

So - that is my combination resolutions/opportunities for the next year... I will try and do a mid-year update to see just how successful I was!

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