Hats Off!!

by - Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yup... for me! I scored a hat-trick in tonight's floor hockey game (which I probably shouldn't have played in since I now sound like a barking seal who smoked a whole pack of cigarettes... at the same time)... and my teammates threw their hats in the air for me... now I know how Sidney Crosby feels... well - on my small scale anyways... I am one goal (I have six) behind Andrew for the scoring lead for my team - boy I am glad I hooked up with these guys! Now... I just have to change my mantra to "shut up and play and don't worry about the other team" and it will be perfect... I am kind of a chirper... which is annoying and I know it... but I can't help it sometimes. Goooo Goldenrod!!

I had a great visit with my friend Cathie yesterday... we sat around and chatted and then went for dinner - it was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon... that is about all I miss from PG - my friends that I now don't get to see very often...

OK... I am off to the craft room... I signed up for Tracy Durcan's ATC swap - I really liked participating in the one that Taylor did before Christmas so I think this may be something that I do a little more often...

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  1. Hey Carmen!
    Congrats on the hat trick!! Did you see the allstar game today? I only caught a bit of it and a bit of the superskills yesterday. Not much of an allstar weekend fan, although my hubby and son thought the game was much more entertaining this year than in most years.
    Hope you're feeling better soon!!!
    Heather L.