Now… Something to Sleep In…

by - Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On the Contiki Concept (or Budget) tours one of the things you will find is that you will need to bring your own sleeping bag for the trip.  The tours stay in campsites (although I have been assured that we are in cabins at the campsite, not actually in tents), hostels and the odd hotel.  Contiki has (of course) re-named these accomodations in order (I am sure) to confuse us and make us think that we are not staying in hostels and campgrounds.
Contiki Special Stopovers – more like a hotel or guest-inn, as in Hopfgarten
Budget Hotels – these are more hostel-style, as in Amsterdam
Contiki Villages – these are the campsites, much like in Florence
 OK… back to the real reason I am here today.  Sleeping bags… yes – you need them, and no – they apparently don’t count in your luggage limit (you are allowed luggage tothese specifications)… but they do count in your weight allowance for the plane ride so you have to keep that in mind!
I am lucky to have a MEC right down the street from me, and decided that is where I was going to try and find the world’s lightest sleeping bag.  I don’t need one with a -40 rating or anything – I am staying indoors, so I was looking for something compact and light.  I stumbled upon this little baby – the MEC Caravan Sleeping Bag +10C – nice color, looks comfy and is only 1.0 kg (2.2 lbs.) – and at a price of $43.00 was totally in my price range.
Needless to say, the sleeping bag now has a home in my closet – and for fun I can pull it out and put it in its stuff sack where it gets smaller than a milk jug. 
Tomorrow… stay tuned for the talk of towels… yes… I have to bring one of them too…

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