Farewell to a Good Man...

by - Saturday, April 05, 2008

A great hockey player, humanitarian and just plain hot guy...
#16 in our programs... #1 in my heart (yes... I am a stalker... and yes... my eyes may just be a bit teared up watching him shake hands with the Flames player... okay... face it - I am more than tearing up... I am a freak... I am crying... and yes... I did video tape this game...)

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  1. Hey Carmen,
    Pass the kleenex. I was at the game tonight. It was a total Linden lovefest. Score didn't count, the crowd went absolutely nuts everytime he was on the screen. At the start of the third period he was being shown on the screen, so instead of drop the puck, all the Canucks stepped back and the crowd gave Linden a standing O. They even gave his parents a standing O at the end of the game. It was so incredibly sad when it was done. Wow...I can't believe it's over...
    Anyways, I feel your pain...
    Heather L.

  2. I used to know someone who answered her phone with Trevor's here and said she would name all her kids after him. We h ad a sweetie here in Michigan we all loved-Stevie Y. Wish I could have pinched his buns!

    so I have had a close encounter with another tho. check here.http://papertango.blogspot.com/2007/11/wingin-it.html