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by - Sunday, June 15, 2008

- broken finger (from the dodgeball tournament - doctor said don't bother splinting it as I have gone through the worst of the pain and splinting will cause it to stiffen up - lets see him type all day with a broken pointer finger on the RIGHT hand!)
- blisters from rollerblading 8 km without the proper socks (went to Wally World on the way home and bought appropriate rollerblading socks for next rollerblading adventure)
- has a clean house
- updating resume for a new job
- fridge stocked to make lunches all week
- needing to get some wedding invitation creating mojo
- ate sushi three days in a row
- ironing for the first time in years (and it still sucks as bad as I remember but I kinda just realized I looked like a hobo at work sometimes with wrinkly pants)

- just lost it on my new landlord/apartment owners for blaring music at 10:30 on a Sunday night... not to mention all day... with their doors open (that I closed since nobody would answer the door)... and got a round of applause from my neighbours for having the guts to go down there... looks like I will be looking for a new apartment sooner rather than later... damn... 'cause that is what happens to law-abiding tenants who do not agree with their landlord/apartment building owners... especially ones who value silence... and will continue to complain about things... next thing on the list to complain about - the parking stalls in the back that now seem to be a parkade for taxis... I wonder who drives taxis that just moved in... three guesses and the first two don't count...

Must stop ranting... it isn't good for my health... it is now 12:20 am and I have to go to bed so I can get up to earn money to pay rent... and I am sooo too angry to be tired...

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  1. about me...

    super jealous that you can eat sushi three days in a row... i wish i could have sushi three days in a row...

    how did you break your finger?

  2. Anonymous2:09 AM

    I told you, ironing is a good thing. Keeps you looking straight and pressed! :-) ... Perhaps you might look into some form of relaxation technique - I hope that you have a good week. Way to go on the homemade lunches!