Bored and Sweaty...

by - Sunday, June 29, 2008

That is how I feel right now... so I am going to do a little 'tag' that I have seen on some of my various blogs...

TEN Years Ago
I was enjoying my last summer home from University and working at the Student Employment Centre... ahh... the good old days when my mom cooked dinner every night... and I played 'Wheel of Fortune' every night with Katrina and the Martins...
FIVE Things on My To Do List:
Keep packing
Have a cold shower/bath (it is HOT outside) and shave my legs
Do laundry
Work on Megan's wedding invitations
Box up some stuff that sold on eBay to take to the post office
Coca cola
Toast with margarine
That's about it... I try not to snack too much...
THINGS I would do if I were a Millionaire:
Buy a nice house
Help out friends and family
Travel the world at my leisure
PLACES I have Lived:
Holy... I hope you have time... here is the order (I think)... born in Fort Nelson, BC. Moved to Vancouver. Moved to Port Hardy. Moved to Hornby Island. Moved to Chetwynd. Moved to Hornby Island. Moved to Chetwynd. Moved to Hornby Island. Moved to Denman Island. Moved to Victoria. Moved to Bella Coola. Moved to Nanaimo. Moved to Fanny Bay. Moved to Courtenay. Moved to Union Bay. Moved to Courtenay. Moved to Comox. Moved back and forth between Comox and Prince George for five years of University. Moved to Prince George. Moved to Calgary, AB. {phew}

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