by - Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Two interviews in two days... two different 15-minute presentations... on two equally as boring topics... the next two days are going to be hell... one presentation preparation complete (for the one at 11:00 tomorrow morning)... half of the other one to go (for 1:30 on Friday afternoon)... fun times ahead...

Still waiting for baby... no - not my baby!!

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  1. can you say where you are interviewing for... i also had an interview today... not really ready to share too much yet - it is one of those dream jobs that is probably too good to be true.. but still something to aspire to...

  2. I've been totally MIA on your blog! My excuse is the beeb (and I'll play that card as long as I can!)

    So, what job? And what all are you selling?? STAMPS??!!

    Are there any that you know I'd go gaga for?

    We need to talk on the phone, obviously, so I can find out what all is going on :)