I Think I am Becoming a Girl...

by - Friday, September 12, 2008

Yeah - I know that sounds weird. But for about the first 30 years (actually until my ex and I split... so 29.5 years) of my life I was a bonafide tomboy. I like hockey, couldn't give a shit about accessories and hated the color pink... but since then I have started to come out of my tomboy shell and enter into a more girly one (or as girly as 5'11" and sized 11 feet can get)...

To prove it... here are my most recent purchases...

A scarf... and not one to wear in winter... a real, decorative scarf that will coordinate with a couple of sweaters... I never used to care about coordination!
New shoes... pointy shoes at that. From Aldo even...
Another purse. I only every carried a MEC carry-all bag thingy until my metamorphosis... I now have a whole shelf in my walk-in dedicated to purses.
Clinique Superfine Liner for Brows... WTF? Yes... I care about my eyebrows (which I started waxing only a few years ago - apparently I thought the "Bert" look was in until then).
Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam... why Aveda you ask? Because it smells good and I like paying $19.00 for a bottle of mousse.
Oh - and I bought a dress and a skirt and a shirt with pink on it... yeah I know... crazy!

** No, I am not getting anything for listing these items... although if the companies want to throw anything free my way... just let me know!

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  1. Ok - so I'm also going through a similar phase in life - but I've got a question - what exactly do you do with a scarf? I've received a few as gifts and I don't know how to wear them - what they go with - anything - HELP! :)

    Happy to hear life is sounding good for you!

  2. Ohmygod. OHMYGOD! Look at that purse!!!


    And I like to think that I might have been a positive influence on you with some of the girly-girl stuff.

    Love aveda and aldo. LOVE!

  3. wow on my 4th post and I love your blog. Oh and I love that scarf to cute. I am in texas so I can wear them for like two weeks out of the year. Oh and that Aveda product freaking rocks. For your next purchase get the aveda emollient in the blue glass jar. I use it as perfume by hair and it smells so freaking good.

    Side Note: No I don't work for aveda