Some Things I am Fairly Certain About...

by - Thursday, September 04, 2008

a) G-strings are meant to be seen only by the person wearing them and perhaps one other special person in their life. Not by me as I walk up the stairs to the cafeteria. And... if you are going to show them off please buy a new pair for the first day of classes (like new school clothes!) so I don't have to see your skanky underwear.

b) I may have to take Peter's lead and offer my services to a worthy American gentleman if the duo of McCain/Palin are elected. Incidentally enough I had a one night stand with a guy named Peter DeWolf while in university - different Peter but a rather odd coincidence in this ever-shrinking world of ours.

c) It is a proven fact (proven by me with fifteen years of total research time between high school, going to university and working in post secondary) that college/university cafeteria (crap-a-teria) food is inherently a billion times worse than the food that the 'special' kids cooked for us in my high school cafeteria. And... I wasn't paying $10.00 for a meal - I was paying $.50 for a combo of mashed potatoes and gravy. I am honestly surprised that I have not turned into a potato or at least started growing those weird potato eye things.

d) I will fight my last dying breath believing that the woman has the right to choose... I am tired of pro-life, non-sex-educated people wanting to rule the world. Really tired.

e) I am going to go and eat chocolate chip cookies that I baked last night... that I am actually more than fairly certain about.

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  1. Bravo's like we're kindred spirits! Watch that speech tonight? Does the whole Republican party have collective amnesia...jeebus!