Webinars = Me Wanting to Poke My Eyes Out

by - Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yesterday at work I got introduced to the webinar. What a waste of my fucking time. For those of you lucky enough to never have attended a webinar... it is well... a seminar on the web. Which makes it even crappier than a seminar.

We file into the room and on the screen is something that looks like this: Except my guy looked more like this... But you have to imagine teeth... lots of teeth... I think he must have had 50 teeth in his face...I really hate to be rude... but holy crap... the guys accent made me lose brain cells. And he kept leaning into the camera to the point that I hope he knocked into it and got a bruise on his forehead. And he also kept saying what sounded like "Christian Advising"... that was code for "Appreciative Advising"... which was what the whole webinar was about. Needless to say when he got the the section about "practice what you preach" I let out a huge gufaw because "Christian advising" and preaching? What else could be funnier?

He also kept saying words=worlds... where are you from buddy? Clearly worlds has an "l" in it that words does not... what a stupid freaking statement. In all - it was an hour and a half of my life that I will never get back... but I did manage to make a grocery list. Next time someone in the office asks if I want to attend a webinar I will bow out gracefully... I would rather have a root canal and a pap test done at the same time thanks.

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  1. I fecking hate webinars.

    You have my sympathy.



    "Imagine like 50 teeth in his face"


  3. I agree - webinars are terrible. I had one with a group of older ladies who'd never seen the technology and still call internet "the internet" - like it's some holy place... anyway the sound didn't work properly and his lips didn't match with the sound and all these other terrible things happened - plus because they are older women and refuse to ask for assistance from anyone they sat through portions of the presentation where you were supposed to actually click through a slideshow... I tried to make a suggestion and basically got the old lady glare - telling me to "shut up - you whippersnapper".