by - Friday, October 17, 2008

That is me... I can never watch QVC (or Canada's sub-par replacement The Shopping Channel)... I get sucked in easily.

I mean - I am sure they are telling the truth when the rave about products.

Same goes for all of the ads that pop up on Facebook... try the Rachel Ray diet... Oprah endorses this pill... blah, blah, blah.

I get sucked in because I want the easy way out.

Actually - what I really want is a fat fairy (not an overweight fairy... a 'fat' fairy... like the 'tooth' fairy) to come in the middle of the night and take my fat. Hey - I won't even as for a shiny loonie in return... or even a quarter!

Every drive home I keep hearing about a Evercleanse... the healthy way to detox and detoxify. Did you know that everyone has 10-20 lbs. of fat just clogging up their bowels? Well... the commercial says so... it must be true.

So I want some... not fat clogging my bowels... some Evercleanse.

Cause if I have 10-20 lbs. of 'shit' in my system just floating around (well... not really floating per se), other than using some sort of spatula to get it out I figure this is the best way.

Except that it is $99.95 (+ S&H) for a one-month supply.

And... I am kinda worried on the whole cleaning of the bowel thing... in my mind a soluble fibre that helps "sweep" the colon means only one thing.

A lot of trips to the bathroom...

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  1. I used to work at QVC... :)

  2. i have only bought one thing from the shopping channel ... proactive, a few years ago. but i enjoy watching when the guy selling the jackie kennedy replica jewellery is on ... i watch for hours!