Let the Floodgates Open!

by - Monday, November 10, 2008

So, after consulting my people (aka the people who leave comments on my blog) I decided that I have to expand my online (and real life - well if I actually had any that is) dating horizons.

And those horizons included making an effort to search for guys that were up to ONE inch shorter than me (I am having to start with little steps. Kapish?) and I re-adjusted my minimum/maximum age to contact me.

I basically opened it up so that any guy up to age 41 (ten years older than me) could contact me.

And the floodgates opened.

Last night, in the hour or so I was logged in (but actually perusing Google Reader) I had no less than 60 new views of my profile and five people wanting to IM me.

Including a 25-year-old. Who just spent his weekend hunting*.

And a 28-year-old that can't spell (or at least did not demonstrate his abilities to me at any time during our "conversation")... and blamed that fact on his job as a mechanic. I happen to know mechanics that can spell, so I didn't find it a very good excuse.

But I am trying.

And to prove it to you I will post a picture of by far the weirdest guy (using only his photo as guide since I was far to scared to click on his actual profile) to check me out tonight. I figure if they put their pictures online for all to see so me posting them here shouldn't be too much of a problem**.
What the fuck is up with that? I can't even imagine why this guy would post a picture of himself in what I see is obviously him in the process of jerking off. Seriously. What the fuck? He looks like he is in pain. And I can't even figure out the angle at which that photo was taken... all I can keep thinking to myself is what the fuck????

Seriously. What the fuck?

* The actual act of hunting does not bother me. It just seemed to typify my experience tonight.
** And if it is a problem for you... don't look. But it is like a train wreck or a car accident - you just can't help it!

ETA - I couldn't do it... I had to put back my lower age limit - but I lowered it to 25 (it was 28)... I just couldn't handle the 18 year olds checking me out...

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  1. gross gross gross I am going to have nighmares!!

  2. Umm, this is making me reevaluate my thoughts of trying this myself...

  3. Anonymous9:09 AM

    I'm sooo jealous that you found this picture online before I did. I thought I was rapidly becoming a virtual walking novella of online atrocities- bravo.

  4. What. The. Fuck.

    I am loving these posts!! I know there are a lot of guys in the 25-28 range that are total dipshits. But, I promise it is possible.

  5. I put a lower age limit on mine too. Sorry honey, 19 is WAY too young for me. Ugh

    And seriously...what the fuck is wrong with that guy?