A Life Addendum...

by - Saturday, November 22, 2008

All that over analyzing for nothing...

New boy broke his arm last night in a hockey fight.

He is now hopped up on pain medication and the date is off for the time being.  The arm is so broken (I suppose that there are various stages to broken-ness) that he spent the night in the hospital and is now sporting a blue cast.

Is it wrong to be a little proud that he was in a hockey fight though?

Now I have more time to stew over things... 

Just what I needed*.

* I can't believe that I just made the fact that he broke his arm into a little pity party for myself.  Snap out of it Carmen!!

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  1. Is there anything more Canadian than being proud of your man being hurt in a hockey fight? Better go get some more Tim's coffee.

  2. i was thinking the same thing as erin! my dad used to play hockey, and the first game of his that i ever went to, he was thrown out for fighting in the first period ... seriously!

    and my word verification thingy is "upholy" ... is it some sort of sign that i should go to church tomorrow or something? ;)

  3. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Ugh! Here I was all ready to hear the juicy details of he-who-has-talked-your-ear-off. Okay, just more time for you to question the nuances of his potential clingy-ness?
    *eagerly awaiting date deets*

  4. I think HahnSolo has come up with a nick name for this boy... He-who-has-talked-your-ear-off - also known as Voldem-ear...

    Ok - I'm lame... always will to accept my lameness.... I will try to post future harry potter comments :)