Sometimes I Wonder

by - Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A true story (from about an hour ago) from the hallowed halls of my work.

Picture it.  Two girls, walking down the hall, close to each other but not like they know each other is there.  I will call one Paris and the other Nicole... because with their fake hair that is what they look like.  That and the fact that they were carrying handbags worth at least a month of my wages.  Bitches.

Sidebar... sadly I think that these two girls' IQ's maybe added up to that of one Paris Hilton... but I digress.

They are both talking on cell phones.  I laugh in my head (cause laughing out loud would have brought attention to myself) and think to myself "I wonder if they are talking to each other on the phone".

And then... I shit you not...

They look at each other, hang up and hug one another.  They were each trying to explain to the other where they were in the building.  They were walking RIGHT BESIDE EACH OTHER!

It is like I am a fucking mind reader sometimes.

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  1. HAhahahaha! that is hilarious! You clearly are a mind-reader - well done!

  2. Now you know how bad LA can suck balls.

  3. *sigh* Doesn't it scare you that we breathe the same air as people like them? Glory I hope stupidity is not contagious!

  4. HAHAHA!!! That is awesome.

  5. That was awesome. Here via NaBloPoMo site.