Enough of the Snow Already!

by - Tuesday, December 23, 2008

You know too much snow has fallen when:

a) the weather guy on the news (who I kind of think is cute but I also totally think he is like 5'4" tall... arg) mentions needing a moon buggy to merge onto the Deerfoot (our version of the 6-lane highway)... I wonder if he has read my blog... since I mentioned a lunar lander the other day...

b) the snow on the streets is actually higher than the sidewalk. That would be because apparently in Calgary there is a law that you have to shovel the walk in front of your house, but apparently not a law that the city has to plow your streets after about 40 cm of snow... that is now about 15 cm of packed ice with huge potholes in it.

c) in BC, where we used to get school cancelled at the threat of snow, my mom's Facebook update read something along the lines of "shovelling a path so the dog can go and pee". Granted - the dog is not very big... but still...

d) your plane is delayed 3 hours which means that you will be sitting in the airport for about SIX HOURS. And the only plug I have found is near a Starbucks... and I don't even like coffee. But for those of you that care to follow I will be live tweeting my people watching throughout the evening (or at least until the World Junior game comes on the TV and I migrate to a bar to become a drunk passenger... I have never tried that before... could be interesting). That said - if anyone is near the Calgary airport and wants to stop by I have commandeered the plug beside Starbucks for the next few hours. At least there is free internet.

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