Christmas... Harlequin Romance Style

by - Monday, December 15, 2008

Thanks to Nanny Goats in Panties I now know that my tweets are "world famous"... meaning that The Daily Egg commented on my Saturday evening tweet... here is how it went (well, after I corrected the grammatical and spelling errors that were in the original tweet):

carmenincalgary: My Saturday nights have come to this… me laying on the couch reading a Christmas themed Harlequin romance… pathetic… yet comforting.

And yes... I did read not one... not two... but three Christmas themed Harlequins this weekend... and I started on a fourth, which I shall finish after work because - well - it is a real page turner...

If this is what can get me into the Christmas spirit, I guess I have to go with it. Even if there are a lack of loincloths in the books.

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  1. must be a reference I am missing. I did a Google on your site for loincloth and came up blank. Could be that I'm just a clueless male. Please clue me in.

    Thanks for the linkback. I'll fix my post to return the flavor.

  2. I love romance novels! And I saw a dvd for a W true love movie (or something like that) and I totally thought of you.

  3. My life has turned into watching really terrible teen movies on youtube (amanda bynes' atrocities for example)...

    That is exactly the right attitude, what ever brings the holiday joy is good.

    Aren't there always a lack of loin cloths?

  4. Congratulations on your world-famousness! Way to tweet!

    And thanks for the kind linky love.

    And daaaaaang... 3+ novels in one weekend? I hope you at least took potty breaks. Or took them into the can with you.