Quality Control

by - Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am Canadian. Therefor it is in my DNA to like Tim Horton's. And even though I don't drink coffee (if it tastes anything like it smells all you coffee drinkers must have dead taste buds to drink the stuff!)... I like tea.

Steeped tea to be specific.

And when I go through the drive-thru, I always have the same order. An extra large steeped tea, triple triple (for those who don't speak Tim Hortonese... that would be three cream, three sugar). Shouldn't be that hard to make, one would think.

But of the last five orders, this is what I have gotten:
- large steeped tea, no cream, probably three sugars
- extra large steeped tea, three cream and three sweeteners (holy shit was that sweet!)
- medium steeped tea, three cream and three sugars
- large steeped tea, black
- large coffee, double double (two cream, two sugar) - I know that because it was written on the lid in Timmy Ho shorthand (that would be a DD on the lid)

I mean seriously... I know that perhaps the majority of Tim's employees do not speak English as their first language... and they are in the hated food service industry... but coffee? I am fairly certain that I enunciate well enough that coffee and tea don't sound anything alike.

I think I am going to have to give up on the drive-thru and actually walk my ass into the store next time because I am tired of paying for the wrong drink.

I won't even go into the time I ordered an apple fritter and got a blueberry muffin. I hate blueberries.

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  1. I think poor customer service and bad listening is a new Calgary epidemic.

    That...and no one looks you in the eyes or smiles anymore.


  2. Not just in Calgary! It's Canada-wide! If I ever get a sandwich at Timmies, it's always ham and butter on a white bun - NOTHING ELSE. And apparently that does not translate into Tim Horton-ese because they can never get it right. I have to go through the list with them - no cheese, no tomato, no lettuce, no sauce - JUST ham and butter. You would think it would not be so difficult... well last time it came with tomato, lettuce and sauce.
    They've never screwed up my breakfast sandwich though, I think they can tell by the look in my eyes that some meals are much too precious to mess with.

  3. I have given up ordering beverages at that place (as a non-coffee drinker). Scratch that...I order white milk if I am having a donut...of course, they could probably find a way to screw that up too!

  4. I love me some coffee - yum. See and I drink it black (yes I ACTUALLY like the taste and the smell of coffee) so I never got what the big deal about Timmy-Ho's was. Then my ex convinced me to put cream in it and lo-and-behold, addicted.

    The crack is in the cream y'all.

    How they manage to screw your order up is so beyond me though...do they grab the wrong cup and the next guy in line is getting yours?

  5. I want a tom hortons!

  6. and here I thought that the staff of tim hortons across canada was actually trained to screw up orders... I've travelled all over BC and had the same experience EVERYWHERE!

    I'd like a steeped tea double double... right and just like Carmen I've had the gambit of different drinks returned... I remember getting a tea bag in hot water no sugar no milk once when I ordered STEEPED and I took a sip and then pulled over and just dumped it out - I mean really I could do that at home and do it a hell of a lot better... damned plain old tea bag...

    but like the good canadian I am I choose to not complain to the tim horton staff that can't remember what I said after I said it - I walk out the door or drive away with my my screwed up drink and bitch about it online, largely anonymously so as not to rock the timmy ho's boat

  7. I always phone them when I arrive and make them give me a credit in store.

    But, you know how I am about these things.