The Taxman's Bitch... Oh Yes I Am...

by - Friday, February 27, 2009

Much like Matt... I am getting pretty much sweet fuck all of a tax return...

A whopping $307.26.*

While it technically is enough to buy Coach purse I have been checking out... I kinda owe the Man $100 from an overpayment on their part (don't even get me started on how much I hate Gordo). And since the bill came in, let's just say August, I am sure they are going to take that right off my return - leaving me even less.

So - not only am I getting screwed with a small return... their fuck up makes it even worse.

Gone are the days when I had tuition to claim... then student loan interest (who would've thought paying off your student loan 10 years early would actually be a bad idea?)... and last year was the big move...

Tomorrow I march up to payroll and demand their heads to be chopped off that they take more taxes off next year, just in case I have less write-offs than I had this year.

Until then, I am taking suggestions on how to spend $207.26.**

* Yeah... I know... at least I get something back.
** Bonus - I am eligible for a GST refund of $12.26 this year - I will be taking suggestions of how to spend that money in July when I actually get it. I am thinking Happy Meal?

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  1. Anonymous7:38 AM

    I owe about $2k. I already did the marching up to payroll thing. Apparently, if you're in the US, married with no kids, they never deduct enough; there's some confusing as hell worksheet thing that you have to do and determine the *extra* money you have to pay out of each check, beyond the usual deduction. I HATE TAXES.

  2. My tax return isn't all that great either. But I am glad I don't owe - that would be a total bitch!