Yay! I'm Not Going Blind!

by - Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No thanks to my stupid optometrist...

You see - when you have eyesight as bad as mine (-8.5 in one eye and -7.25 in the other - basically I am like two steps from being blind) it is kinda freaky when you start to get a flash of light in the corner of your eye.

Like the "Oh my GOD I am going fucking blind" and "Sweet Jeebus, my RETINA IS DETACHING" kind of freaky.

But, I couldn't get into see my optometrist today.

The optometrist that I give $150 per year to to test my eyes.

The office's suggestion - go to to the walk-in clinic.

Cause you know - it is always a good idea to see a random family doctor who spends half his time looking down kid's icky throats WHEN YOU MAY BE GOING BLIND!

Needless to say, the doctor couldn't find anything wrong with my eye...

And I am in search of a new optometrist.

Preferably one that is hot. And smells good. Because when I'm blind at least I will be able to smell him.

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  1. We should have been optometrists...good money and very little germ interaction.
    p.s. Glad you're not going blind.

  2. I recently was told that without my glasses, I'd be considered legally blind (although that is the case for a number of people). Is it just me, or should we not be paying like $75 for 10 minutes of optometrist time in a country with free health care?

    My optometrist is old and smelly, so if you find a good (hot) one, do let us know!

  3. Anonymous9:53 PM

    My last optomitrist was a young Chinese (nothing against Chinese) gal who had such bad breath she would have knocked over the twin towers in one puff!!! Mo

  4. That would totally freak me out! Glad you're not going blind... I definitely would have thought that too.

  5. Anonymous8:38 AM

    I almost went blind in my right eye!

    That sounded kinda happy... I spent two years with almost no vision in my right eye (with my glasses on). I could hardly open it because light was so bad. I saw two specialists and then finally it just went away, and I'm fine now.

  6. There's an Optometrist in Deerfoot Mall (I know, right?) who is really awesome. I have really good vision but he prescribed me sunglasses because I have insurance to pay for them. So now I can get really nice sunglasses FREE.

    I forget his name but he's young and I didn't notice a smell but that can't be a bad thing?!

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