by - Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yeah... I have decided to be the anti-NaBloPoMo poster this month...

I don't know what it is... I mean - I have lots of things that I could post about, but none seem worthy of the keystrokes when I sit down.

That, and I have the memory of a goldfish and when I actually sit down I can't remember what I wanted to post about.

Hmmm... so here is a re-cap of my last few weeks...
- went to Prince George and hung out with friends for a few days
- had the stomach bug (noodles came out my nose people!)
- found out that I am getting a bunch of cashola as a back payment from the government for when I was in University
- got an iPhone (yes - I now realize that should have been point #1). I think I love my iPhone more than I ever loved my ex-husband...
- have a date for sure for this weekend... and realized recently that I wasted a lot of time e-mailing another online dating guy...
- went and watched @sarahdotcom and Ju play ringette - I hope I wasn't bad luck for them! It was fun cheering for them.

Today is my last day of work this week - I start five days off as of 4:30 today!! Yippee.

Sorry for the boring post... but I am alive... and I am reading your blogs... really, I am just boring right now.

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  1. I definitely love my iPhone more than my ex-huz.

  2. How are you getting cash back from the gov't and can I get in on that action?

  3. We were both so glad you came out to watch! Next time we're in each other's city we're going to have to venture out father than seeing each other at ice rinks!


    Ps. Yay for the iPhone! Woo!

  4. oh, a lot of money from the government makes me happy!