Sexual Tension... not to be confused with Sexual Healing...

by - Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Sheesh.  I can't take the sexual tension on TV these days. The damn writers sure know what keeps me coming back week after week after week...

Take House and Cuddy.  He is miserable without her.  Okay... let's face it - he's just plain miserable. But she could tame him. Maybe. Just give her a chance! That little PI weasel she's currently dating is not the right man for her!
Bones and Booth... damn... if Bones got the stick out of her ass these two could make some fine looking children.
Benson and Stabler... yeah - I know Stabler is married.  And normally I'm not one for promoting the break-up of a marriage - but this is TV people. They need to be together! Really - it's been years! Let them get it on!

Ziva and Tony... it is like kindergarten all over again. You know - when you make fun of the one that you really like the most!
Nick and Catherine... as much as I wouldn't mind having Nick all to myself, these two have been skirting romance for years. Hell - if they can make Grissom and Sara work and he is older than dirt... surely they can have Nick and Catherine hook up!
Do I want all these couples together? Well... yes... and no.  I mean - once the sexual tension is gone - will I want to watch anymore?

What a freaking late night TV conundrum.

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  1. Castle and Beckett! Castle and Beckett!

  2. i dont watch any of these....but i can relate with dunhum and peter on fringe! =P

  3. The worry? The Moonlighting effect. Remember that? Moonlighting. Awesome. They hook-up... suckfest.

  4. i have an inexplicable dislike of cuddy ... actually, of the actress who plays her ... so i do not want the house/cuddy thing at all. but i agree with the rest ... and i much prefer the tension than the actual getting-together of the characters. bones and booth are my favourite. :)


    And basically, I'm still in denial that Kate was killed off NCIS.

  6. Well, I used to want Danny & Lindsay to get together back when I watched CSI:NY. But then they did and I quit watching. Dangerous territory! ;)