FIFA Hotties (of the Tournament)

by - Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's been awhile since I've done a Hottie of the Week post... so I thought I would do a series of them to highlight some of the hotties of the FIFA World Cup of Soccer (Football) in South Africa. If the sounds of the vuvuzela don't drive me to a) drink excessively or b) kill myself because I have lost my mind thinking that a giant swarm of killer bees are after me, I'll be posting hotties, by position (and by that I mean position on the pitch, not the position that I want them in) throughout the next week.  At the end I'll crown my very own World Cup Hottie.

If you have a soccer hottie that you want highlighted, let me know... I am on the prowl search now for some awesome shirtless pictures of players from around the world. Seriously -I am getting heart palpitations at every Google search.

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  1. When I lived in England during the last World Cup, I was always thought Frank Lampard of the English squad was good looking. He's a bit older now though...

  2. Ah, the vuvuzela will be the death of me. I was watching OTR last night and instead of fading to music as per usual, they faded to the sounds of 18,000 angry mosquitos, which was hilarious for like 3 seconds and then landsberg himself was like OKAY, ENOUGH, NOT FUNNY, TURN IT DOWN. pretty sure more people are talking about the vuvuzela than the matches. :)