In Like

by - Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's kinda cool being in like with someone.

When you're in like, it's the little things that make you swoon smile.  The first time you hold hands.  A good morning text. Having him say he thinks you're super duper.

Offering to wax your car. Now seriously... how many ways that this be cool??? Let's see...
1. watching a cute boy sweat it up... that's pretty cool
2. actually having him offer to wax your car (perhaps after a bribe of ice cream was extended)... that's pretty cool
3. having a waxed car for the very first time... that's pretty cool
4. the fact that he also offered to BBQ me dinner after waxing my car... that's pretty cool too

It's been a long time since I was seriously in like with someone. Like years. Decades even. Well, maybe just one decade... I mean really - I am only a couple of decades old.

But really... right now it is pretty cool to be in like. I highly recommend it.

(via i can read)

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  1. sounds like you are in like with a very like-worthy guy!!!! awesome!!

  2. Very cool that someone has recognized the awesomeness of you!! Lucky guy!!

    As for recommending it, blech.. no thanks. I really see no point to dating anymore.

  3. Being in like is FUN. Relish it!