Etsy Obsessions

by - Saturday, July 10, 2010

I have a little obsession (okay... I have more than one obsession but I can't talk about them all in one blog post)... Etsy. I favorite things on Etsy so that when I win the lottery I can go back and buy one of everything. Seriously. Some people will buy houses and travel when they win the lottery - I'm going on an Etsy spending spree. And then maybe buy a house to put everything in. But Etsy first, house second. I have my priorities.

Here are just a few of my latest obsessions - but don't buy any of these, because I will hopefully win the lottery on Friday and I don't want the seller to be sold out!

ANORIGINALJEWELRY's Camera Love Silhouette necklace
lucythegoosie's Silver Photography bracelet
retromama's Tilly and Tommy sewing pattern
denisehytonen's Camera strap
JesseDanger's Sea Cucumber stackable rings
SudsNSuch's Soap-to-Go
bhivedesigns's Bird on a Branch t-shirt
christystudio's Beverly Messenger bag
Allstitches' Keep Calm and Tweet On crosstitch pattern
peacocky's Hand Stamped Birdie Memory Game
ballandchain's Mixmaster necklace
lisaroy's Harry handbag
BabyLovesPink's S'more earrings
beanforest's Internet Drama button
waysideviolet's Cable Knit mug cozy
pasubio9's Miniature Sock Monkey crochet pattern
lafemmemonkita's Cell Phone Hammock
infusion's Eco Toes
EightSeason's Midnight Roses purse
bearduck's ULTIMATE iPhone magnets
VixensEmpire's Better than Bacon sexy greeting card

I am a big fan of Etsy's pounce feature - where you can see items that have recently sold... and it also then lists a few items that are in the seller's shop... if I like what I see, I click on in - and add more to my favorites list!!

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  1. Love this post - checked out everything - I love the cards by vixen empire - there are hilarious cards in there! Thank you! I love etsy and never get a chance to look so this was great!