My Life in Bullet Points... Again...

by - Monday, August 09, 2010

I am doing another in the series "My Life in Bullet Points" cause, well, bullet points are da bomb. Don't try and disagree with me... you all know it.

- the manfriend went with me to Step Up 3D on the weekend. And he didn't complain. And he actually admitted that the dance moves were pretty cool. I think I'll keep him around for awhile.
- I gained 1.3 pounds this week. Apparently eating approximately 1.3 pounds of M&M Pretzels will have a negative effect on your weight. But trust me - eating those things is like having angels shit in your mouth. Trust me. Seriously. Go to Walmart and buy some and just try to tell me otherwise.

- there are 5 Mondays in August. I hate August.
- the whole Twitter pretending to be Facebook and suggesting friends to me is really annoying. Especially when it recommends people I've blocked due to their innate ability to be stupid. And self-centred. And a Flames fan. Really - Twitter should be Twitter, and Facebook should be Facebook. Enough said.
- there are only 46 days until I leave on my UK2010 trip. I would really like the Canadian dollar to start cooperating a little more with the Euro and the British Pound before then. Like really. Play nicely dammit!
- Squee! I leave for Dublin in 46 days! (this is so important it needed two bullet points)
- I now need to convince the manfriend to see Eat, Pray, Love with me... hmmm...

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  1. let me know how it goes with eat, pray, love - you might want to send that to world records if it happens...

    glad to hear all the good news :)

  2. Wow, where do you find a guy that will go to see dance movies? I had one once but it was so long ago maybe I imagined it!

    I have not been to any National Monuments! Hell, I don't even have a passport!