In my Good Books

by - Monday, October 25, 2010

A while ago, I wrote about a few companies that had done wrong by me. Ones that provided crappy customer service. Ones that will no longer get my business.

In that post, I mentioned that I would write one about companies that were awesome in my books.  And here it is...


Gosh darnit, Steve Jobs, I love your company.  Especially your genius named Rob.  I went in for a 7:30 appointment at the Genius Bar tonight to have someone look at my phone because between about 11 and 2 everyday I can't send a text.  Telus has actually provided decent service (over Twitter even!) to do their part, but nothing seemed to be working.  By 8:00 I had a brand new iPhone in my hot little hands. For FREE! I had a whopping 9 days left on my warranty, and there were no questions.  My genius was awesome!


I have recently become addicted to Groupons.  And Gelaskins had a spend $15 to get $30 worth of product last week.  I didn't waste much time ordering my customized Canucks skins - one for my netbook and one for my older iPod classic.  It took about four days to get to me after I ordered... and they are awesome! I kind of want to gelaskin everything else that I own.  Great, quick customer service.
And yes... that is Trevor Linden on my iPod. Sue me.

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