Sometimes I Wonder...

by - Monday, November 08, 2010

- why I like tomato soup and ketchup, but hate tomatoes,
- why cars have signal lights if nobody uses them,
- leggings... and for that fact jeggings,
- why the manfriend hangs his pajama pants in the closet,
- why there is no "right" click on a Mac. Steve Jobs really wanted us to use the keyboard didn't he?
- why we haven't abolished Daylight Savings Time... isn't farming less labour intensive these days? Why do farmers still need the extra hour? Is is to punish the rest of us?
- why I have so much crap in my house... I feel a great purge coming up...
- why people book appointments and then DON'T SHOW UP! I'm going to start charging $25 for missed appointments... so annoying!

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  1. There is right click on the Mac. You just need to set it up, yo.

  2. I had to set up right click on my Mac. I can't live without my right click.