No... I'm Not Dead...

by - Thursday, December 23, 2010

But I may drown. Holy crap is it ever raining in BC. I probably should've thought to bring more than a down jacket and a Lululemon sweatshirt as outerwear.

But, I'm home for the next few days, watching Canucks games an hour earlier than I could in Alberta, and hating the HST.  My Tim Horton's steeped tea (or maybe I should say both my steeped teas) cost me an extra $.13 EACH because of the damn tax.  Seriously? It's friggin' tea! Let me keep my money you money-sucking Liberal party.


Earlier (maybe during NaBloPoMo) I said that my family was going to do more service-y things rather than buy things for eachother this year.  I think we did good...

My mom organized her own hamper and two for work for Coast Realty in the Comox Valley.  These are pretty skookum hampers - there is a list of stuff you need to donate including toiletries, food, and small gifts. My mom even does baking for the families.

My brother drove for Operation Red Nose making sure that all the drunks in Nanaimo got home safe and sound, and in their own cars so that they didn't have to wander aimlessly downtown in search of them the next day.

I donates a schwack of toys to the Toy Mountain in Calgary.  I think I got some pretty good big toys for a good deal and was able to give gifts that will probably make three boys and three girls very happy on Christmas. While I'm reasonably ticked that the Salvation Army (who gets the toys) won't give out Twilight or Harry Potter gifts (like why tell people the second week of December this - why not be up front about it) because they "promote paganism" (or something like that)... I have to think of the kids.  Next year I think I'll find a non-denominational charity to donate to.  A charity that takes toys for what they are - toys. Not paganistic ritual pieces.

I think we did good.

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