They Come in all Shapes...

by - Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I attract some crazies on Twitter.  Sometimes it is because I blatantly make fun of the hometown Flames, and sometimes it's just because I ask a question, or have an opinion that differs from their own.

Yesterday, the City of Calgary decided to remove fluoride from our drinking water.  As someone who's ingested fluoridated water for my whole life (except for when we had well water I'd imagine) and had fluoride supplements as a child (probably when we were on well water), I posed to Twitter this question...

I thought it was an honest question.  As someone who's been fluoridated her whole life (33 years or so), is it necessary for me to supplement to replace the lost fluoride? (I would assume that the people reading the tweet would assume that I brush my teeth - with fluoridated toothpaste - and regularly go to the dentist, but I guess you know what they say about assumptions - they just make an "ass" out of "u" and "me").  Or are my teeth okay without the "missing" fluoride?  I mean - it's not like these are baby teeth anymore...

Most responses were very helpful - consult my dentist (I do have weak enamel), use fluoridated mouthwash a couple of times a week, and whatever I do just don't ingest it (which I know was one of the big concerns).

Of course, one asshat, who I don't follow and who doesn't follow me (I'd imagine she picked up the question as I hashtagged it), basically said... well... lets just post what she said...
Did I ask something that needed a "sheesh" in the reply like I'm some sort of dumbass?  I asked an effing question.  I didn't ask that some home-grown hippie organic farmer with a pesticide-free carrot shoved up her ass reply to me like I didn't know what toothpaste was.  I'm not even going to go into the obvious lack of proofreading in the reply (note - if you're going to take to insulting me or being ignorant, a quick proofread is normally in order so I can't slam your ass into the ground any harder).

I know that the fluoridation debate was a contentious one.  But really... a "sheesh" because I asked a question?  Uncalled for.

It's a good thing I surround myself with cool people on Twitter and cull the rotten apples on a regular basis.

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  1. A little uncalled for but then again, isn't that the whole point of the internet, saying stuff you wouldn't dare say in real life?

  2. anoymous people area always assholes. i think its a prerequisite.

    i wouldnt know what to do either.