Wrong on So. Many. Levels.

by - Saturday, February 05, 2011

Leggings.  Jeggings.  Really - why would you want to bring back that fad? I remember a time, let's just say I was about 12... when wearing leggings and oversized shirts was cool.

Notice I mentioned the oversized shirt.  I didn't walk around looking like this...
I feel the need to shout "LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS!" from rooftops.

I don't need to see your underwear lines, your camel toe, the top of your g-string, or anything else that should be covered by real clothes.

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  1. I have to defend the jegging. The name is stupid, and I want to hate it for the name alone, but stretchy jeans are really nice. Something you can throw on and be comfortable while running errands, having lunch with a friend, or out drinking out at the bar, without looking like you just left the gym. Also, they tuck in to boots nicely.

    They aren't really leggings because the fabric has more structure, BUT that doesn't mean they can be worn with a short shirt. I don't care if someone's ass looks just like Gisele's, cover that thing up with a long shirt/sweater/something. And for boots only. Wearing jeggings with any other shoes just makes thighs look ginormous. No one over the age of 1 can pull that off.

    So I can support the jegging with a long sweater and knee high boots. But cotton jersey leggings, still not pants. Tights, hell no, most definitely NOT pants.

  2. I love the photos!
    I agree - leggings are not pants! amen!

  3. we wore them under jeans back in my day...something cute and colorful to reveal when you pegged your jeans!