The Royal Wedding...

by - Friday, April 29, 2011

No... I didn't get up early to watch the wedding (I think the coverage started at 2 am my time), but I did make sure to watch the TV and follow on Twitter when I got up.

My thoughts...
- Kate was beautiful.  We all knew there would be sleeves on the dress and no cleavage showing (due to royal and Westminster Abby protocol), but she pulled off the Grace Kelly took to a T.  Beautiful!

- William - that boy looked smitten.


- the kiss - understated and awesome.  They were so cute.

Now... to those of you on Twitter that seem to be quite put off by the Royal Wedding.  Give it up.  It's happening.  And I suffered through all of your tweets on football, the damn Oscars, the Grammy's, Lindsay Lohan's gallivanting and every other event/subject that I thought was retarded, so deal with it, and stop your sniveling.  It'll be over soon enough and then you can go back to your regularly scheduled lives.

And really - starting a divorce pool?  Give it up.  Let's try and give them a chance, shall we?

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  1. excellent post - thank you for sharing it!

  2. She did look lovely didn't she?
    I most certainly wasn't getting up early to watch it but I caught the post-dinner recap of the wedding. I didn't think I'd be so invested in it... mostly because I've been annoyed with the commercials and news reports that seem to have been running 24/7 for the past few weeks. But then I was watching it and I got a little misty eyed. It was just really nice!